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Alternative forms[edit]



ASBO (plural ASBOs)

  1. (Britain, law enforcement) Anti-Social Behaviour Order
  2. (Britain) one who has been issued with the above legal order.


ASBO (third-person singular simple present ASBOs, present participle ASBOing, simple past and past participle ASBOed)

  1. (Britain, law enforcement, transitive) To issue an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.
    • 2005, Andrew Millie, Anti-Social Behaviour Strategies: Finding a Balance, page 31:
      Yes he will probably end up in the criminal justice system in a few years time - but if we ASBO him now he's going to end up there an awful lot quicker because he will breach it.
    • 2008, Harry James, Consequences?, page 65:
      "Shut up, both of you. I've got the police here. You'll get asboed," Sally shouted
    • 2008, Peter Squires, ASBO Nation: The Criminalisation of Nuisance, page 151:
      The redemptive storyline reminded me of the importance, in my own practice, of continuing to learn from the understanding of others' experiences and interactions in negotiating the new penal landscape of "ASBOing", portrayed so well in Rhodes' novel.