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Abraham +‎ -ical


Abrahamical (comparative more Abrahamical, superlative most Abrahamical)

  1. Like or pertaining to Abraham.
    • 1840, William Cave, Lives of the most eminent fathers of the church that flourished in the first four centuries, page 40:
      Witness the yesterday's sacrifice of that Abrahamical old man, who, being newly returned from banishment, ye knocked on the head at noon-day in the middle of the street, whose murderers yet, at our intercession, were spared and pardoned.
    • 1841, John Lauris Blake and Jehoshaphat Aspin, A view of the world: as exhibited in the manners, costumes, & characteristics of all nations, page 270:
      They indeed practise circumcision, on which account, they have been supposed to be descended from the Abrahamical stock ; but they have lost all tradition of its origin, and assign custom only as the reason of the operation.

Derived terms[edit]