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From ala- +‎ ma.

Proper noun


Alamad (genitive Alamaiden, partitive Alamaid)

  1. Netherlands


Inflection of Alamad (inflection type 13/ma)
nominative sing.
nominative plur. Alamad
partitive plur. Alamaid
singular plural
nominative Alamad
accusative Alamad
genitive Alamaiden
partitive Alamaid
essive-instructive Alamain
translative Alamaikš
inessive Alamaiš
elative Alamaišpäi
illative Alamaihe
adessive Alamail
ablative Alamailpäi
allative Alamaile
abessive Alamaita
comitative Alamaidenke
prolative Alamaidme
approximative I Alamaidenno
approximative II Alamaidennoks
egressive Alamaidennopäi
terminative I Alamaihesai
terminative II Alamailesai
terminative III
additive I Alamaihepäi
additive II Alamailepäi