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American + -istically


Americanistically (comparative more Americanistically, superlative most Americanistically)

  1. In an American manner; in the manner of or relating to America or Americans.
    • 1930, Theatre Guild, Stage: Volume 8, page 18:
      So the phenomenon of idolatry that she inspired in the gentle sex in the United States corresponded hyperbolically, that is, Americanistically, to that which more or less occurred in all other countries.
    • 1985, Årstryck, page 27:
      Now after many years, with the help of notes and some of my early papers, I am endeavoring to reconstruct what happened at this stage of my contact with Americanistically-oriented ethnobotany.
    • 1981, Jacob Rader Marcus, The American Jewish woman, 1654-1980, page 193:
      This reference work, sociologically and Americanistically oriented, does not altogether neglect women.
    • 2002, Valentine Cunningham, Reading After Theory, page 25:
      Gates has rightly likened gumbo to the ancient Roman satura lanx, the 'full plate' of mixed edibles, sweet or sour, ie forced meat, farce-meat, stuffing, sausage-meat — what Americanistically Gates calls 'hash' - which is one etymological root of satire, and which traditionally helps define the rich mix of that genre of writing.

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