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Proper noun[edit]

Amerik (genitive Amerikan, partitive Amerikad)

  1. America (continent)


Inflection of Amerik
nominative sing. Amerik
genitive sing. Amerikan
partitive sing. Amerikad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Amerik
accusative Amerikan
genitive Amerikan
partitive Amerikad
essive-instructive Amerikan
translative Amerikaks
inessive Amerikas
elative Amerikaspäi
illative ?
adessive Amerikal
ablative Amerikalpäi
allative Amerikale
abessive Amerikata
comitative Amerikanke
prolative Amerikadme
approximative I Amerikanno
approximative II Amerikannoks
egressive Amerikannopäi
terminative I ?
terminative II Amerikalesai
terminative III Amerikassai
additive I ?
additive II Amerikalepäi

Derived terms[edit]


Proper noun[edit]


  1. America, the United States