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Amerindian +‎ -ize


Amerindianize (third-person singular simple present Amerindianizes, present participle Amerindianizing, simple past and past participle Amerindianized)

  1. (transitive) To make Amerindian.
    • 1985, Barbara Burnaby, Promoting Native Writing Systems in Canada, issue 24, page 21:
      Amerindianizing the Image of the School
      Early in the 1970s the Quebec office of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development established a training program for Indian teachers called the Amerindianization of the Schools []
    • 1992, Louise Fiber Luce, The Spanish-speaking world: an anthology of cross-cultural perspectives:
      Their strong wind seems anglicized when compared to Asturias's Amerindianized one.
    • 2005, Ute Lischke, Walking a Tightrope: Aboriginal People and Their Representations, page 129:
      The challenge for Indians, he says, is to “Amerindianize” (as he puts it) our technological society []
    • 2007, Jocelyne Guilbault, Governing Sound: The Cultural Politics of Trinidad's Carnival Musics, page 125:
      In turn, the Amerindianizing of his Spanish heritage (through his mother's mixed background) carries “vestiges of Trinidad's original, 'authentic,' and somewhat romanticized past, in the form of aboriginal blood.