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The following is a lists of IATA airport codes, IATA location identifiers or IATA station codes. The three-letter codes are selected by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) designate many airports around the world. The characters prominently displayed on baggage tags attached at airport check-in desks are an example of a way these codes are used.

The assignment of these codes is governed by IATA Resolution 767, and it is administered by IATA headquarters in Montreal. The codes are published biannually in the IATA Airline Coding Directory.


  • OAJ (KOAJ): Albert J. Ellis Airport, Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States
  • OAK (KOAK): Oakland International Airport, Oakland (near San Francisco), California, United States
  • OAM (NZOU): Oamaru Airport, Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand
  • OAR (KOAR): Marina Municipal Airport, Marina, California, United States
  • OAX (MMOX): Xoxocotlán International Airport, Oaxaca, Mexico


  • OBE (KOBE): Okeechobee County Airport, Okeechobee, Florida, United States
  • OBU, Kobuk Airport, Kobuk, Alaska, United States


  • OCE (KOXB): Ocean City Municipal Airport, Ocean City, Maryland, United States
  • OCF (KOCF): Ocala International Airport (Jim Taylor Field): Ocala, Florida, United States
  • OCH (KOCH): A. L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport, Nacogdoches, Texas, United States
  • OCQ (KOCQ): J. Douglas Bake Memorial Airport, Oconto, Wisconsin, United States
  • OCW (KOCW): Warren Field, Washington, North Carolina, United States


  • ODE (EKOD): Odense Airport, Odense, Denmark
  • ODH (EGVO): RAF Odiham, Odiham, United Kingdom
  • ODO (KODO): Odessa-Schlemeyer Field, Odessa, Texas, United States
  • ODS (UKOO): Odessa Central Airport, Odessa, Ukraine
  • ODX (KODX): Evelyn Sharp Field, Ord, Nebraska, United States


  • OEA (KOEA): O'Neal Airport, Vincennes, Indiana, United States
  • OEB (KOEB): Branch County Memorial Airport, Coldwater, Michigan, United States
  • OEL (KOEL): Oakley Municipal Airport, Oakley, Kansas, United States
  • OEM (SMPA): Vincent Fayks Airport, Paloemeu, Suriname
  • OEO (KOEO): L. O. Simenstad Municipal Airport, Osceola, Wisconsin, United States
  • OER (ESNO): Örnsköldsvik Airport, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden


  • OFF (KOFF): Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • OFK (KOFK): Karl Stefan Memorial Airport, Norfolk, Nebraska, United States
  • OFP (KOFP): Hanover County Municipal Airport, Richmond/Ashland, Virginia, United States


  • OGA (KOGA): Searle Field, Ogallala, Nebraska, United States
  • OGB (KOGB): Orangeburg Municipal Airport, Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States
  • OGD (KOGD): Ogden-Hinckley Airport, Ogden, Utah, United States
  • OGG (PHOG): Kahului Airport, Kahului, Hawaii, United States
  • OGL (SYGO): Ogle Airport, Ogle, Guyana
  • OGM (KOGM): Ontonagon County Airport, Ontonagon, Michigan, United States
  • OGS (KOGS): Ogdensburg International Airport, Ogdensburg, New York, United States


  • OHD (LWOH): Ohrid Airport, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
  • OHT (OPKT): Kohat Airport, Kohat, Pakistan


  • OIC (KOIC): Lt. Warren Eaton Airport, Norwich, New York, United States
  • OIN (KOIN): Oberlin Municipal Airport, Oberlin, Kansas, United States
  • OIT (RJFO): Oita Airport, Oita, Japan


  • OJA (KOJA): Thomas P. Stafford Airport, Weatherford, Oklahoma, United States
  • OJC (KOJC): Johnson County Executive Airport, Olathe, Kansas, United States


  • OKA (ROAH): Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan
  • OKB (KOKB): Oceanside Municipal Airport, Oceanside, California, United States
  • OKC (KOKC): Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
  • OKJ (RJOB): Okayama Airport, Okayama, Japan
  • OKK (KOKK): Kokomo Municipal Airport, Kokomo, Indiana, United States
  • OKM (KOKM): Okmulgee Regional Airport, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, United States
  • OKS (KOKS): Garden County Airport, Oshkosh, Nebraska, United States
  • OKV (KOKV): Winchester Regional Airport, Winchester, Virginia, United States
  • OKZ (KOKZ): Kaolin Field, Sandersville, Georgia, United States


  • OLD (KOLD): Old Town Municipal Airport (DeWitt Field): Old Town, Maine, United States
  • OLE (KOLE): Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport, Olean, New York, United States
  • OLF (KOLF): L. M. Clayton Airport, Wolf Point, Montana, United States
  • OLG (KOLG): Solon Springs Municipal Airport, Solon Springs, Wisconsin, United States
  • OLM (KOLM): Olympia Airport, Olympia, Washington, United States
  • OLS (KOLS): Nogales International Airport, Nogales, Arizona, United States
  • OLU (KOLU): Columbus Municipal Airport (Nebraska): Columbus, Nebraska, United States
  • OLV (KOLV): Olive Branch Airport, Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States
  • OLY (KOLY): Olney-Noble Airport, Olney-Noble, Illinois, United States
  • OLZ (KOLZ): Oelwein Municipal Airport, Oelwein, Iowa, United States


  • OMA (KOMA): Eppley Airfield, Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • OME (PAOM): Nome Airport, Nome, Alaska, United States
  • OMH (KOMH): Orange County Airport, Orange, Virginia, United States
  • OMK (KOMK): Omak Airport, Omak, Washington, United States
  • OMN (KOMN): Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, Ormond Beach, Florida, United States
  • OMR (LROD): Oradea International Airport, Oradea, Romania
  • OMS (UNOO): Tsentralny Airport (Omsk Airport), Omsk, Russia


  • ONA (KONA): Winona Municipal Airport (Max Conrad Field): Winona, Minnesota, United States
  • ONL (KONL): The O'Neill Municipal Airport (John L. Baker Field): O'Neill, Nebraska, United States
  • ONM (KONM): Socorro Municipal Airport, Socorro, New Mexico, United States
  • ONO (KONO): Ontario Municipal Airport, Ontario, Oregon, United States
  • ONP (KONP): Newport Municipal Airport, Newport, Oregon, United States
  • ONT (KONT): Ontario International Airport, Ontario (near Los Angeles), California, United States
  • ONX (KONX): Currituck County Airport, Currituck, North Carolina, United States
  • ONY (KONY): Olney Municipal Airport, Olney, Texas, United States
  • ONZ (KONZ): Grosse Ile Municipal Airport, Detroit/Grosse Ile, Michigan, United States


  • OOA (KOOA): Oskaloosa Municipal Airport, Oskaloosa, Iowa, United States
  • OOK (PAOO): Toksook Bay Airport, Toksook Bay, Alaska, United States
  • OOL (YBCG): Gold Coast Airport, Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


  • OPF (KOPF): Opa-locka Airport, Miami, Florida, United States
  • OPL (KOPL): St. Landry Parish Airport (Ahart Field): Opelousas, Louisiana, United States
  • OPN (KOPN): Thomaston-Upson County Airport, Thomaston, Georgia, United States
  • OPO (LPPR): Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, Porto, Portugal


  • OQN (KOQN): Brandywine Airport, West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
  • OQU (KOQU): Quonset State Airport, North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States
  • OQW (KOQW): Maquoketa Municipal Airport, Maquoketa, Iowa, United States


  • ORB (ESOE): Örebro Airport, Örebro, Sweden
  • ORC (KORC): Orange City Municipal Airport, Orange City, Iowa, United States
  • ORD (KORD): O'Hare International Airport (formerly Orchard Depot Field): Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • ORE (KORE): Orange Municipal Airport, Orange, Massachusetts, United States
  • ORF (KORF): Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk, Virginia (near Virginia Beach and Williamsburg), United States
  • ORG (KORG): Orange County Airport (Texas): Orange, Texas, United States
  • ORG (SMZO): Zorg en Hoop Airport, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • ORH (KORH): Worcester Regional Airport, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  • ORI (KORI): Port Lions Airport, Port Lions, Alaska, United States
  • ORJ (SYDR): Orinduik Airport, Orinduik, Guyana
  • ORK (EICK): Cork International Airport, Cork, Ireland
  • ORL (KORL): Orlando Executive Airport, Orlando, Florida, United States
  • ORM (EGBK): Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton / Peterborough, United Kingdom
  • ORS, Waterport Airport, Orpheus, Queensland, Australia
  • ORT (PAOR): Northway Airport, Northway, Alaska, United States
  • ORY (LFPO): Orly International Airport, Paris-Orly, Paris, France


  • OSA (RJBB): Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan
  • OSC (KOSC): Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport, Oscoda, Michigan, United States
  • OSD (ESNZ): Åre Östersund Airport, Östersund, Sweden
  • OSH (KOSH): Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States
  • OSI (LDOS): Osijek International Airport, Osijek, Croatia
  • OSL (ENGM): Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Ullensaker (near Oslo), Norway
  • OSR (LKMT): Ostrava-Mosnov International Airport, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • OSS (UAFO): Osh Airport, Osh, Kyrgyzstan
  • OST (EBOS): Ostend-Bruges International Airport, Flanders, Belgium
  • OSU (KOSU): Ohio State University Airport, Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • OSX (KOSX): Kosciusko-Attala County Airport, Kosciusko, Mississippi, United States
  • OSY (ENNM): Namsos Airport, Høknesøra, Namsos, Norway


  • OTG (KOTG): Worthington Municipal Airport, Worthington, Minnesota, United States
  • OTH (KOTH): North Bend Municipal Airport, North Bend, Oregon, United States
  • OTM (KOTM): Ottumwa Industrial Airport, Ottumwa, Iowa, United States
  • OTN (KOTN): Ed-Air Airport, Oaktown, Indiana, United States
  • OTR (MRCC): Coto 47 Airport, Coto 47, Costa Rica
  • OTP (LROP): Henri Coandă International Airport, Otopeni (near Bucharest), Romania
  • OTZ (PAOT): Ralph Wien Memorial Airport, Kotzebue, Alaska, United States


  • OUA (DFFD): Ouagadougou Airport, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  • OUD (GMFO): Oujda Angads Airport, Oujda, Morocco
  • OUL (EFOU): Oulu Airport, Oulu, Finland
  • OUL, Nelson Lagoon Airport, Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, United States
  • OUN (KOUN): University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport, Norman, Oklahoma, United States
  • OUZ (GQPZ): Tazadit Airport, Zouerate, Mauritania


  • OVB (UNNT): Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • OVD (LEAS): Asturias Airport (Oviedo Airport): Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
  • OVE (KOVE): Oroville Municipal Airport, Oroville, California, United States
  • OVL (KOVL): Olivia Regional Airport, Olivia, Minnesota, United States
  • OVO (KOVO): North Vernon Airport, North Vernon, Indiana, United States
  • OVS (KOVS): Boscobel Airport, Boscobel, Wisconsin, United States


  • OWA (KOWA): Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, Owatonna, Minnesota, United States
  • OWB (KOWB): Owensboro-Daviess County Airport, Owensboro, Kentucky, United States
  • OWD (KOWD): Norwood Memorial Airport, Norwood, Massachusetts, United States
  • OWI (KOWI): Ottawa Municipal Airport, Ottawa, Kansas, United States
  • OWK (KOWK): Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock, Norridgewock, Maine, United States
  • OWX (KOWX): Putnam County Airport, Ottawa, Ohio, United States


  • OXB (GGOV): Osvaldo Vieiro International Airport, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
  • OXC (KOXC): Waterbury-Oxford Airport, Oxford, Connecticut, United States
  • OXD (KOXD): Miami University Airport, Oxford, Ohio, United States
  • OXI (KOXI): Starke County Airport, Knox, Indiana, United States
  • OXR (KOXR): Oxnard Airport, Oxnard, California, United States
  • OXV (KOXV): Knoxville Municipal Airport, Knoxville, Iowa, United States


  • OYM (KOYM): St. Marys Municipal Airport, St. Marys, Pennsylvania, United States
  • OYK (SBOI): Oiapoque Airport ; Oiapoque, Amapa , Brasil


  • OZA (KOZA): Ozona Municipal Airport, Ozona, Texas, United States
  • OZR (KOZR): Cairns Army Airfield (Fort Rucker), Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama, United States
  • OZW (KOZW): Livingston County Airport, Howell, Michigan, United States