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I Don't know if i'm wrong but i think SuperCancels were first included in Last Blade series bye!

Short Jumps[edit]

I was under the impression that SNK's Fatal Fury 3 predated The King of Fighters '96 by a year, which would mean FF3 originated the hop, and not KoF. I only bring this up because I noticed that no mention was made of how short jumps sometimes come with their own normals or alter the properties of other jump normals. On that note, I didn't see an entry for Super Jump, something KoF DID bring to the table AFAIK.

Attacking Taunts[edit]

Several characters(notably many female ones) have "attacking taunts" that can hit their opponents for pixel damage(1 point). Sometimes, this counts as a "Light attack victory", while other times, it has its own special victory symbol. Attacking taunts may have maximum priority, allowing them to interrupt even super moves. Characters known to have attacking taunts:

Chun-Li - Her "Gomen-ne" taunt hits them with her hand-wave.

Sakura Kasugano - When she points at the opponent.

Psylocke - When she says "Come on!" and gestures to the opponent to approach. This taunt is additionally notable for the fact that it does not end until the player moves or attacks(at least, in Children of the Atom. It also did block damage.).

Jin Saotome - In Marvel vs Capcom, hitting taunt will cause Jin's outfit to disappear, and he will start towelling off his back while dressed in a w:fundoshi. If the player keeps hitting punches while this is happening, Jin will continue towelling more rapidly until his back is set on fire. This move can hit some standing opponents, but is more likely to hit airborne opponents. It also grants various points during the "freeze-frame" portion of the game, depending on which frame of the animation is caught.

Tung Fu Rue - In Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Tung has a similar taunt. When the C button is pressed, Tung will slap a towel onto his bald head. If it continues to be held, he will then proceed to remove his shirt and start towelling off. He gains about half a meter of power over the course of it.

Dan's "Autograph" attack in the Capcom VS series is also an attacking taunt of sorts. It only does 1 pixel of damage, but finishing the opponent off with it still gives the "Super Finish" background image.

Birdie - In the Street Fighter Alpha series, hitting taunt will cause him to flick open his switchblade, hitting the opponent with it. He can even use it in his Variable Combo.

Kobun - Doing QCF+Taunt will cause him to launch an explosive paper plane at the opponent.

Rolento - His taunt causes him to drop the world's weakest grenade on the ground towards his opponent.

Gouki - His taunt will cause him to stamp on the ground, hitting his opponent if they're next to him.

Sodom - When he taunts, he will bow towards his opponent, nicking them with the crescent on his helmet.

Should this get its own subsection? I haven't added them in because it seems like a lot of examples.


Something very similar to dashing existed in the DBZ Super Butoden series (first game was released in 1993 so before Vampire/Darkstalker). In that game you pressed L/R to move quickly forward or backward. I let you decide if this should be edited or not...


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Fighting Game Terminology[edit]

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Guide is perfect, but it looks like it's missing a few stuff.[edit]

Like Shimmy, the concept of Fundamentals (i.e. maining a character like Ryu, Jago or Kazuya Mishima), etc. —This unsigned comment was added by (talk).