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April +‎ -y


Aprilly (comparative more Aprilly, superlative most Aprilly)

  1. (rare) Characteristic of the month of April.
    • 1907, Samuel Rutherford Crockett, The iron lord:
      It was a summer such as had not often been seen in Kirktown. Day after day, instead of the usual Aprilly weather variegated by thunderstorms which usually passes for summer in Scotland...
    • 1917, Robert Ernest Vernède, Letters to his wife
      It's turned Aprilly to-day — sharp showers and sunshine.
    • 2000, "Anne of the Thousand Penguins", KIDS!!! (on newsgroup alt.acme.exploding.newsgroup)
      Aprilly and rainy here, but it will improve the crop of weeds on the front lawn.