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Atacamenian (not comparable)

  1. Atacaman (from or of Atacama)


Atacamenian (plural Atacamenians)

  1. Atacaman (person from Atacama)
    • 1943, in Excavations in northern Chile (edited by Junius Bouton Bird, published by the Institute of Andean Research, New York, NY), page 202:
      Subsequently, the Atacamenians developed their own distinctive ware.
    • 2000, Lake Sagaris, Bone and Dream: into the world's driest desert, page 91:
      Another issue is language. After the conquest, the Spanish administrators in San Pedro cut out the tongues of anyone who spoke the Atacamenians’ original language, known as Cunza, our tongue.
    • 2004, Mary A. Hood, The Strangler Fig and Other Tales: Field Notes of a Conservationist, page 45:
      Strategically located on the highest spot overlooking the rivery valley, it was built by a people from Bolivia [] . With control of the river, they imposed a tax for water rights on the local Atacamenians.