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Etymology 1[edit]

Austen +‎ -ite (rock, mineral, or fossil).

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Alternative forms[edit]


Austenite (uncountable)

  1. (metallurgy) Alternative spelling of austenite

Etymology 2[edit]

Austen +‎ -ite (follower or adherent of a specified person).


Austenite (plural Austenites)

  1. a fan or admirer of Jane Austen; someone who studies the works of Jane Austen.
    • 1907, G. E. Mitton, Jane Austen and Her Times, Methuen & Co., Chapter 5: The Novels:
      [I]t seems a pity that they should not form a volume in one of the neat series of Jane Austen's novels now published, as to a real Austenite they contain much that is valuable, and are full of characteristic touches.
    • 1996, B. C. Southam, Jane Austen: The Critical Heritage: 1870–1940, Routledge, page 74:
      Towards the end of his life, Twain took Jane Austen as one of his stock jibes and the items collected here (No. 23), dating from 1896 to 1909, show how much he enjoyed needling his Austenite friends, Howells in particular.



Austenite m

  1. plural of Austenit