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Jane +‎ -ite, coined by critic George Saintsbury.


Janeite (plural Janeites)

  1. (usually pejorative) A fan of the author Jane Austen, especially one without a background in literary criticism.
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    • 2010, Edward Copeland and Juliet McMaster, The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen, page 236:
      Unlike virtually all academic readers of Austen since the 1950s, Janeites in foxholes do not think Austen's novels are about courtship and marriage.
    • 2012, Henry Hitchings, “How to flummox a Janeite”, in Who's Afraid of Jane Austen: How to Talk About Books You Haven't Really Read:
      The 'regulated hatred' angle will work a treat. After all, Janeites don't want to hear about that sort of thing, because it's the opposite of what they adore in their heroine's writing.


Derived terms[edit]