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Alternative forms[edit]


From az(imuth) on(ly).


Azon (plural Azons)

  1. (historical) A gliding bomb of World War II whose azimuth could be adjusted via radio.
    • 1999, Frederick A. Johnsen, B-24 Liberator: Rugged But Right[1], page 77:
      Three hundred Azon tail units arrived in the theater of operations early in July 1944; following a crash course in Azon, a technical team followed the fins overseas in August.
    • 2012, Spencer Tucker, Almanac of American Military History, Volume 3: 1914-1949, page 1636,
      The Azon (for Azimuth Only) was developed by the Allies contemporaneously with the German Fritz X. [] Azons were subsequently employed with some success against bridges on the Japanese-operated Burma Railway; 493 Azons destroyed 27 bridges, including the famous Kwai River bridge.
    • 2012, Edward M. Young, B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI[2], page 39:
      In the autumn of 1944 ten B-24s equipped for Azon bombing and ten trained crews joined the 7th BG.


  • VB-1 (Vertical Bomb 1) (official designation)