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Probably abbreviated from bar girl, or break girl.


B-girl (plural B-girls)

  1. A woman employed to talk to customers in a bar and encourage them to buy drinks.
    • 1996, Russell Means, Where White Men Fear to Tread[1]:
      The bar was a rough, tough frontier place with B-girls drinking colored water at premium whiskey prices, bought by horny guys who thought they were going to get laid but were only going to get screwed.
    • 1997, Dan Wakefield and Sara Davidson, Going All the Way [2]:
      What’s really sick, if you ask me, is the B-girl shit where you pay all that money for just looking and thinking about it, but not really doing it.
  2. A woman who performs breakdance; a breaker
  3. A female member of the hip-hop subculture

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