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sub- +‎ culture


subculture (plural subcultures)

  1. A portion of a culture distinguished by its customs or other features.
    The goth subculture has its own mode of dress, and it has a characteristic musical style.
    • 1974, Charles Gaines & George Butler, Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding, page 7.
      Like those activities, bodybuilding is an obsession, a living (for a few), and a way of life for the people involved in it—a subculture, in a word, with its own values, aesthetics and vocabulary.
  2. (biology) A culture made by transferring microorganisms from a previous culture to a fresh growth medium



subculture (third-person singular simple present subcultures, present participle subculturing, simple past and past participle subcultured)

  1. (biology) To transfer (microorganisms) to a fresh growth medium in order to start a new culture
    • 1990, Heidi F. Kaeppler et al., Silicon carbide fiber-mediated DNA delivery into plant cells[1], volume 9, number 8:
      Cultures were subcultured by 20-fold dilution into fresh MS2D medium approximately every 7 d.

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subculture f

  1. plural of subcultura