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BAMF (plural BAMFs)

  1. Acronym of bad-ass motherfucker; one who is not to be trifled with; one who excels in a certain activity, often a competitive or violent activity.
    • 2010, January 18th: sxephil, The Philip DeFranco Show, “Christina Hendricks Had the Only Golden Globes That Matter’d”, 2:39–3:09
      And guys, rather than having a douchebag of the day today, I feel we need something uplifting, and that’s why today we have a BAMF of the day. Our BAMF of the day actually comes from the chaos in Haiti: an Australian cameraman. The reason being is while all the other television reporters and cameramen were getting shots of all the terrible stuff happening, this cameraman heard a baby in trouble; so rather than getting a shot like everyone else, he put down the camera, saved the girl — which was recorded by another station — and he had to apologize to his station for not getting the shot. And I just have to say “bravo!” to that man; we need more people like you. And that is why you are our BAMF of the day.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Similarly to WTF, BAMF is regarded as far less offensive in its acronymic form than in its elaborated form.