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bad-ass (comparative more bad-ass, superlative most bad-ass)

  1. Alternative form of badass
    • 2011, Berning Flame, Hello? : A Teen's Journal, →ISBN:
      I don't care who you are or how negative or emo you are, you have to admit that would be the most bad-ass thing ever if I could kick ass without weapons.
    • 2012, Eddie Payton, Paul T. Brown, & Craig Wiley, Walter and Me: Standing in the Shadow of Sweetness, →ISBN:
      I can tell you this: we had some bad-ass grass in our front yard.
    • 2014, Christine Henson, Quit Acting Like a Bitch and Become a Bad Ass Woman, →ISBN, page 13:
      These are the bad-ass women who are sweaty, smelly, with mascara running down their cheeks and they don't give a rip.


bad-ass (plural bad-asses)

  1. Alternative form of badass
    • 2014, CD Moulton, Clint Faraday book 14: Dead End, →ISBN, page 31:
      You're probably one of those people from Colón who think they're bad-asses.
    • 2014, Leisa Rayven, Bad Romeo, →ISBN, page 371:
      “Don't call me sweet. Call me hot. Or awesome. Or well-endowed. Kittens are sweet, not me.” I try not to laugh. “Okay, fine. You're a hot, awesome, well-endowed bad-ass.”
    • 2015, Debbianne DeRose, Manifesting for Simpletons:
      When you think about ninjas, wimpy is probably about the last word that comes to mind. They're bad-asses.