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BUFF (plural BUFFs)

  1. (slang, US, Air Force) Acronym of big ugly fat fellow (or fucker); US Airforce nickname for the B-52 bomber.
    • 1994, Frederick Forsyth, The Fist of God: [a novel], page 377:
      The B-52 Stratofortress is not called the Buff because it is painted a tan or dun-brown color.
    • 2002, S. Lock, Ribald Tales & Stories from U.T.: Confessions of a Staff Weenie, page 3:
      I should note here in polite society it is considered proper to call the B-52 a BUFF for Big Ugly Fat Fella or Fellows
    • 2004, Nick Veronico, Nicholas A. Veronico, Jim Dunn, 21st Century U.S. Air Power, page 48:
      Deployed at no higher than 135 knots, the 44-foot drag chute aids in braking the BUFF.
    • 2004, Keith R Parris, The Servants of Freedom: The SOF, page 29:
      There were also, however disgusting it might seem, "BUFF" drivers coming in from B-52 bombers and C-130 cargo haulers.
    • 2006, Jim Clonts, When Penguins Flew and Water Burned, page 447:
      The general invited his old buddy to Barksdale to fly in the B-52 and show him just what the old BUFF could do.

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