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bay +‎ stater. Massachusetts is sometimes known as the Bay State.


Baystater (plural Baystaters)

  1. A person from Massachusetts.
    • 1969, Shepherd, volume 14
      Rudolph Shultz of Massachusetts won the Highly Commended citation on a 46 lb. entry and another Baystater, Earle Ferguson, won the Commended award with a ...
    • 1996, Dick Needham, "Side Tracks", Ski, September 1996, page 19E
      Nutmegger? Baystater? College slider? A mid-week ticket at Otis Ridge, Mass., will cost you $10 on Tuesdays (for Connecticut residents) and Thursdays (for Massachusetts residents).
    • 2010, Piersen Carter, Exit America, (→ISBN), page 237
      “Press, you may have grown up in Boston, but don't forget I'm from next door in Connecticut. Sorry to contradict you, Mr. Baystater, but in my experience the average person from Massachusetts may be liberal, but they're not ideologues: they're too pragmatic for that.”