Benedict Arnold

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From Benedict Arnold, famous for betraying the United States during the Revolutionary War.


Benedict Arnold (plural Benedict Arnolds)

  1. (US) A traitor.
    • 2012, Nicholas Campanella, Traglamoor's Journey:
      What if we are already under investigation from someone covertly talking with the cops? What if there is a Benedict Arnold in the group?
    • 2009, Charles Zastrow, The Practice of Social Work: A Comprehensive Worktext, page 204:
      Within a group, Benedict Arnolds attempt to prevent the group from accomplishing its goals
    • 2008, Nick De La Pena, The Contagion, page 299:
      I am no longer an American; I am a traitor, a Judas, a Benedict Arnold.
    • 1945, William Worthy, Jr., "Non-Fraternization: American Style", The Crisis, Vol. 52, No. 11, page 323:
      A Negro hotelkeeper in a free city of the North views with disdain a Benedict Arnold in the colored camp who crosses the lines to a "white" hotel.