Botany Bay dozen

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Botany Bay dozen (plural Botany Bay dozens)

  1. (Australia, slang, obsolete or historical) 25 lashes, ie. strokes of a whip across a person's back as a punishment. [1]
    • 1893, Frank Murcott Bladen, Historical Records of New South Wales: Papers Relating to Grose and Paterson, 1793-1795[1], volume 2, page 796:
      If guilty, he is taken to a cart-wheel to receive a Botany Bay dozen, which is twenty-five lashes ; [] .
    • 1948, Eleanor Dark, Storm of Time, 1963, Collins, page 58,
      “Will they be strung up for a Botany Bay dozen like we are if we so much as squeak? Not those fine gentlemen, with their uniforms an' their pockets full o' gold!”
    • 2003, Mary Hawkins, Australian Outback: Four Journeys to a New Country Ride on the Wings of Faith and Love[2], page 47:
      He gave a harsh snort and said angrily, “A Botany Bay dozen is not twelve. It's twenty-five, and more than capable of exposing a man's backbone.”



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