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Spanish bozal


Bozal (not comparable)

  1. Of a slave, recently brought to a colony from Africa.
    • 1840, David Turnbull, Travles in the West: Cuba; with Notices of Porto Rico, and the Slave Trade, pp. 62–63:
      I was assured that the labour of eight emancipated Africans was considered equal to that of twelve apprenticed labourers born in the colony; and on the same principle, a Bozal African, fresh from one of the market places of the Havana, commands an average price of twenty-four ounces of gold when sold by retail
    • 1843, J. F. Johnson, Proceedings of the General Anti-Slavery Convention, page 122:
      They were libelled for salvage by the officers who took them up, and libelled as property by the miscreants called Spanish gentlemen who had bought them in Cuba, knowing them to be Bozal negroes fresh from Africa.


Bozal (plural Bozals)

  1. A slave recently brought to a colony from Africa.
    • 1853, R. R. Madden, The Island of Cuba: Its Resources, Progress, and Prospects, page 234:
      it was occasioned by the loss of so many valuable Bozals, or newly imported Africans


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