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Broad Church

  1. (Anglicanism) The movement to latitudinarian churchmanship in the Church of England; collectively, those people engaged in the movement.
    • 1989, M. A. Crowther, Church Problems and Churvh Parties, Gerald Parsons (editor), Religion in Victorian Britain IV: Interpretations, page 19,
      Hampden contributed nothing to the theology of his time and specifically rejected the Broad Church in the 1860s.
    • 2009, Herbert Schlossberg, Conflict and Crisis in the Religious Life of Late Victorian England[1], page 9:
      The first Broad Church, in her view, included Coleridge, Arnold, Kingsley, and Maurice, and was spiritual in the same way as the Evangelicals.
    • 2011, Keith Robbins, Political and Legal Perspectives[2], page 62:
      Mid-nineteenth-century Anglican Broad Church thinkers included such figures as FD Maurice, AC Tait, AP Stanley, Benjamin Jowett, and Charles Kingsley. There was also a Broad Church movement (sometimes referred to as ‘liberal evangelical’) in Scotland,which included James Robertson, John Tulloch, John Caird and Norman MacLeod.