Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

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Brussels 'Brussels (adjective)' + hoofdstedelijk 'capital (adjective)' + gewest '(administrative) region'


  • IPA(key): /ˈbrʏsəls ˌɦoːf(t)ˈsteːdələk ɣəˈʋɛst/
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Proper noun[edit]

Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest n

  1. The bilingual central, bilingual region (i.e. constitutive member territory) of federal Belgium, comprising only the 19 municipalities of the capital metropolis Brussels; its constitutional status differs in several points from that of the far larger and more populous regions Flanders (northern, Dutch-speaking; Brussels is an enclave in it) and Walloonia (southern; francophone, with a small germanophone minority component)