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CD +‎ -er


CDer (plural CDers)

  1. (LGBT) cross-dresser
    • 1995 March 27, DanielleSA (username), “T* friendly places in B'ham?”, in alt.transgendered, Usenet[1]:
      I live in the Birmingham, AL area and just started CDing three months ago and I know absolutly[sic] no other CDers or even anyplace to go in town. Can anyone tell me of any T friendly places in the area or tell me how I might find some other CDers in the area to talk to?
    • 1996 September 16, Julie (username), “Toronto: CDers”, in, Usenet[2]:
    • 1998 April 25, Chris Binsack (username), “Long Island CDer looking for other CDers”, in, Usenet[3]:
      Hi, my name is Chrissy and I'm still a closet CDer. But I'm looking for other L.I.(Suffolk Co) CDers to help me come out of the closet, []
    • 1998 October 9, Lenora (username), “Manchester CDers”, in, Usenet[4]:
    • 2002 July 13, Jack (username), “Male (occasional CDer) seeks e-mail pen pals with other CDers.”, in uk.people.crossdressing, Usenet[5]:

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