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  1. Committee or Center for Economic Development
  2. Cambridge Electronic Design
  3. Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc.
  4. Council for Entrepreneurial Development
  5. Computer Education and Design
  6. Capacitance Electronic Discs
  7. College of Environmental Design
  8. Christian Engineers in Development
  9. Centre for Education and Documentation
  10. Community Economic Development
  11. Counseling and Educational Development
  12. Chemical Exchange Directory
  13. Centre for Executive Development
  14. Civil Engineering Department
  15. Council on the Education of the Deaf
  16. Centre for Educational Development
  17. Canada Economic Development
  18. California Environmental Dialogue
  19. Collins English Dictionary
  20. Consolidated Energy Design
  21. Community and Economic Development
  22. Cooperative Education Division
  23. Cultural Entomology Digest
  24. CONNECT: Entrepreneur Development