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  1. Composite Hospital Computer System. CHCS is the DoD's version of the Veterans Administration VistA public domain software for running everything in a hospital.
    • 1986, United States Congress (House) Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Deptartment of Defense, Department of Defense Appropriations for 1987: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee... [1]
      "If DoD completes all of its changes planned in response to our recommendations, then this action should substantially reduce the risk involved in acquiring CHCS."
    • 2002, S. Krishna, Information Technology Business Models for Quality Health Care [2]
      "To date $175 million have been spent on CHCS II with about $44 million of that amount specifically for software development and the rest being spent on hardware for the test and evaluation sites."
    • 2001, Peter Ramsaroop, Marion J Ball, David Beaulieu, Advancing Federal Sector Health Care: A Model for Technology Transfer Page 36 [3]
      "The selected CHCS architecture was to be decentralized at the hospital level, with a mainframe computer in each hospital linked to its associated clinics by a communications network."