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CPS (countable and uncountable, plural CPSes)

  1. (telecommunications) Initialism of characters per second.
  2. (video games) Initialism of clicks per second.
  3. (US) Initialism of child protective services.
  4. Initialism of Clean Plate Syndrome.
  5. (US) Initialism of Current Population Survey.
  6. (computing) Initialism of cyber-physical system.
  7. (functional programming, uncountable) Initialism of continuation-passing style. [from 1975]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • (character per second): cps

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (UK, law) Initialism of Crown Prosecution Service.
    • 2020, Ben Aaronovitch, False Value, Gollancz, page 233:
      ‘Itʼs entrapment,’ said Silver. ‘The CPS wonʼt prosecute.’
  2. (UK politics) Initialism of Centre for Policy Studies.
    • 2012 August 22, Andy Beckett, “Britannia Unchained: the rise of the new Tory right”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Last year, for example, Raab wrote a paper for the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) – since the birth of Thatcherism one of the radical right's fiercest thinktanks []