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CSM (plural CSMs)

  1. (Commonwealth, military) Initialism of company sergeant major.
    Coordinate terms: RSM, CQMS
  2. (medicine) Initialism of capillary refill or circulation, sensory, motor (used to check the responsiveness of trauma patients).
  3. (aerospace) Initialism of command and service module.
  4. (business) Initialism of customer success manager.
  5. (X-Files fandom slang) Initialism of Cigarette Smoking Man.
    • 1997, James Hatfield, George "Doc" Burt, The Unauthorized X-cylopedia: The Definitive Reference Guide to The X-Files, page 57:
      By 1968, CSM was in such a powerful position that he gave orders to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and “worked hard to keep any President from knowing” he even existed.
    • 2001, Ray Pratt, Projecting Paranoia: Conspiratorial Visions in American Film, page 232:
      Although the CSM has few lines, metaphorically he represents all the secret U.S. operatives of the cold war and after.
    • 2002, Tom Kessenich, EXaminations: An Unauthorized Look at Seasons 6-9 of The X-Files, page 11:
      By the way, I realize the CSM is the show’s resident villain, but the WMM has always struck me as being more sinister.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:CSM.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (music) Initialism of Cantiga de Santa Maria.

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  1. Initialism of Consiglio superiore della magistratura.