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CSR (countable and uncountable, plural CSRs)

  1. Initialism of corporate social responsibility.
    • 2008, “Go on the Offensive and Shape the Message”, in William J. Holstein, Manage the Media (Don't Let the Media Manage You), Boston, MA: Harvard Business Press, →ISBN, page 60:
      He could never have developed GE’s reputation in that sector if he were still fighting the image of stonewalling on Hudson River cleanup efforts. “They've completely jujitsu-ed that,” notes PR executive Richard Edelman. “They've set a new standard. It's not just corporate social responsibility (CSR) as philanthropy. It's CSR that makes money.”
    • 2019 January 15, Charles Taylor, “Why Gillette's New Ad Campaign Is Toxic”, in Forbes[1]:
      While there appears to be something to this generalization about millennials and CSR appeals, much more needs to be learned about the nuances of what works and what does not.
  2. Initialism of customer service representative.
  3. (cryptography) Initialism of certificate signature request.