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Alternative forms[edit]


Abbreviation of Canadian content.


CanCon (uncountable)

  1. (informal, Canada, broadcasting) Canadian content, in the context of Canadian regulations setting minimum quotas of Canadian content for Canadian radio and television broadcasters.
    • 1973, Ritchie York, “Artist Claims CKLW’s Keen Interest Affects U.S. Hits”, in Billboard v 85, n 21 (May 19), Los Angeles: Billboard Publications, p 58:
      In the early part of the Cancon era, CKLW demonstrated considerable reluctance in programming legitimately locally-made singles. Rather, the station searched out U.S. records with dubious Canadian connections (many a song written by Paul Anka, who left Canada 15 years ago, have found their way into ’LW playlists) to avoid taking a chance on unknown Canadian artists.