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Proper noun[edit]

Canadian English

  1. The variety of the English language used in Canada. [from 1857]
    • 1857, Rev. A.C. Geikie, “Canadian English”, in Canadian Journal, v 2, n 11 (September), pp 344–55, reprinted in Elaine Gold and Janice McAlpine eds. (2010), Canadian English: A Linguistic Reader, Strathy Language Unit Occasional Paper n 6, Kingston: Queen’s University:
      [p 49] Not so, however, is it with the modern refinements of our Canadian English. In referring to such a feat here, it would be said, not that he dived, but that he dove.
      [p 52] These and a thousand other examples which might be produced, fully justify the use of the term “Canadian English,” as expressive of a corrupt dialect growing up amongst our population, and gradually finding access to our periodical literature, until it threatens to produce a language as unlike our noble mother tongue as the negro patua, or the Chinese pidgeon English.


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