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From Canadian +‎ -ist.


Canadianist (plural Canadianists)

  1. One knowledgeable about Canada or Canadiana, or a specialist in Canadian studies.
    • 1906, w:The World’s Work, v 8, London: W.H. Page, page 202:
      It should have a little lug-sail with about 32 ft. of sail area. It the sailor-man who is not an experienced Canadianist asks, “What will that do?” I can answer him. In 1891 I descended the Trent 100 miles by this bit of canvas.
    • 1990, J.L. Granatstein & Robert Bothwell, Pirouette: Pierre Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, page 402:
      Smith was a Canadian specialist and he had fought hard for the post; but when he left the department he was not replaced by another Canadianist.
    • 1990, Lenard J. Cohen, “The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in Transition: Trend and Implications for Canada,” in Maureen Appel Molot & Fen Osler Hampson, eds., Canada Among Nations 1989: The Challenge of Change, Ottawa: Carleton University Press, page 32:
      In many respects the historian and diplomat, Yakovlev, is the U.S.S.R.’s major Canadianist, and Gorbachev his most prominent pupil.