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  1. 信口开河
  2. 敬贤礼士
  3. 敬賢禮士
  4. 蟾宮折桂
  5. 蟾宫折桂
  6. 信口開河
  7. 杀鸡警猴
  8. 殺雞警猴
  9. 引狼入室
  10. 流离失所
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  1. 開門見山
  2. 无奇不有
  3. 杀鸡儆猴
  4. 青史傳名
  5. 阿狗阿貓
  6. 不足為慮
  7. 绝处逢生
  8. 提筆忘字
  9. 飽餐一頓
  10. 生拉硬拽

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Mandarin phrases understood by subjective, as opposed to literal meanings.

See also Category:Mandarin terms derived from Literary Chinese.


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