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Chileanism (countable and uncountable, plural Chileanisms)

  1. A term or linguistic feature originating from or specific to the Chilean variety of the Spanish language.
    • 1919, Julio Noé, “Sarmiento the Traveler”, in Inter-América[1], volume 4, Doubleday, Page & Company, page 141:
      Chinanga is, according to Román's Diccionario de chilenismos, not so much a Chileanism as an Americanism, since he credits it to Chile, Perú and Ecuador: it is equivalent to the Spanish taberna, but enlivened with song and dance.
    • 1977, Arturo Valenzuela, Political brokers in Chile: local government in a centralized polity, Duke University Press, page 240:
      The verb pechar is a Chileanism derived from pecho, or chest, and means to employ much effort to accomplish a particular goal.
    • 1991, Cynthia G. Brown, Human rights and the "politics of agreements": Chile during President Aylwin's first year[2], Human Rights Watch, →ISBN, page 36:
      Curco is a Chileanism, meaning literally to be bent over with an irritating burden.
  2. Chilean nationalism