Chinese snooker

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Chinese snooker (plural Chinese snookers)

  1. (snooker) A reverse snooker position where the cue ball is in front of, rather than behind, a ball that is not on, making the shot very difficult because the bridge is hampered and the cueing angle is unnaturally high.
    • 1991, Michael Curtin, The plastic tomato cutter
      His white came back down the table in the orthodox fashion and rested up against the green ball in a Chinese snooker.
    • 1998, Pamela Siew Im Ong, One man's will: a portrait of Dato' Sir Onn bin Ja'afar snooker a 'Chinese snooker' is the action of leaving the cue-ball, not behind a coloured ball as with a normal snooker, but in front of one and almost touching it...
    • 2003, "Tjander Nathoeni", touching ball clarification (snooker) (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      Now, happy bridging over a chinese snooker.