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Christcentrism (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of Christocentrism
    • 2003, Lacanian Ink, Issues 21-26, page 11:
      We must thank the memory of this brought to us now, when it is not muffled as usual by good breeding, courtesy and Christcentrism.
    • 2005, Per Olov Enquist, Lewi's Journey, page 219:
      Christcentrism became the keyword. Spirit baptism, speaking in tongues, and faith healing became easier to understand, and accept.
    • 2006, Chung Soon Lee, Alfred North Whitehead and Yi Yulgok: toward a process-Confucian spirituality in Korea, page 121:
      For Protestant Christians, it can be acceptable on the basis of Christcentrism to consider all the saints in the history of Christianity the objects of veneration, and this can make their present Christian lives more rich and alive.

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