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English citations of tchotchke

  • 1978, Leo Calvin Rosten, Passions & Prejudices: Or, Some of My Best Friends Are People
    ... admirable New York Times once published advertisements that showed a full-bosomed tchotchke in a very skimpy bra and panties leaning forward invitingly. ...
  • 1982, Martin Fox, The Best in Advertising
    You've got a curl here, a tchotchke there; it won't pass the test of time, but you've got to deal with it. Doing a terrific print ad was really almost a ...
  • 1993, Patricia Baird Greene, The Sabbath Garden
    "Do they know one tchotchke about life? So help me, no. I build up — they tear down. Just like that — wring the neck, hack to pieces — gone, say kaddish! ...
  • 1995, Melvin Kimble, Aging, Spirituality, and Religion: A Handbook
    ... Grammy Anne told the story of that tchotchke, describing the trip on which it was acquired, or the adventure she'd had bargaining for it. ...
  • 1998, Richard P. Horwitz, Hog Ties: Pigs, Manure, and Mortality in American Culture
    A man must live his life in a way that only brings honor to the tchotchke. For better or worse, those sorts of buyers — the ones whom I imagined as more ...
  • 1998 Apr, Mark Rakatansky, A/Partments, in Assemblage 35, page 58, [1]
    I am a child of modernism – [...] As such I have inherited a distrust of the tchotchke, which I have still – [...]
  • 1999 Aug 8, Jesse McKinley, The Avant-Garde: Follow That Backpack, in The New York Times, page 5.16
    With limited cash and a thirst for uncommon sights, backpackers have pushed into challenging territory well before the big-money resorts or tchotchke merchants.
  • 2003, Dan Simmons, Hard as Nails
    Once a thriving indoor fresh meat, fruit, flowers, and tchotchke covered market in the old Polish and German section of town, Broadway Market was now ...
  • 2006, Jack Sullivan, Hitchcock's Music, Yale University Press, page 244
    Once again Hitchcock overturned the convention that music must remain subliminally in the background of a film: [...] in its quiet moments, it roams grimly wherever it pleases, investing the most banal images—a toy, [...] a tchotchke of folding hands—with dread.
  • 2010 July 25, Brian George as Uncle Sabu, “Summer Belongs To You”, in Phineas and Ferb, season 2, episode 31-32, , “Rubber Bands / Rubber Balls” (song):
    We don't make knickknacks, we don't make tchotchkes / Or really anything that's gonna catch your eye