Coriandrum sativum

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Proper noun[edit]

Coriandrum sativum n

  1. A taxonomic species within the family Apiaceae – the annual herb coriander that produces leaves and seeds used in cooking.


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čeština: coriandr setý
Deutsch: echter Koriander, Arabische Petersilie, Asiatische Petersilie, Chinesische Petersilie, Gartenkoriander, gebauter Koriander, Gewürzkoriander, Indische Petersilie, Kaliander, Klanner, Schwindelkorn, Schwindelkraut, Stinkdill, Wandläusekraut, Wanzendill, Wanzenkraut, Wanzenkümmel
English: coriander, cilantro, Chinese parsley
español: cilantro, culantro, coriandro
français: coriandre
italiano: coriandolo, cilantro, prezzemolo cinese
Nederlands: coriander, ketoembar, coander, wantsenkruid
日本語: コエンドロ、コリアンダー
norsk: koriander, Arabisk persille, Kinesisk persille, havekoriander, krydderkoriander, Indisk persille
norsk nynorsk: koriander
polski: colendra Siewna
português: coentro
русский: кориандр посевной
suomi: korianteri
svenska: koriander
Türkçe: kişniş

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