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Proper noun[edit]


  1. The general who led the Bellovaci against Julius Caesar in 57 BC during the latter's conquest of Gaul.
    • 1737, Aulus Hirtius Pansa (author) and Martin Bladen (translator), “A Supplement to C. J. Cæſar’s Commentary of his War in Gaul”, book VIII of Julius Caesar’s Commentaries of his Wars in Gaul, and Civil War with Pompey. (sixth edition), chapter II, page 179
      CÆSAR thought he had done enough for the ſeaſon of the year, in diſperſing the enemy’s forces to prevent a war; but conſidering how much it imported him to take care that the rebels ſhould not be able to make any conſiderable head the next ſummer, left C. Trebonius, with two of the legions he brought along with him, at Orleans: and being informed by ſeveral meſſengers from Rheims, that the people of Beauvois (who are more renown’d for warlike virtue than any other ſtate of the Belgæ) with ſome of their neighbours, under the conduct of Correus of Beauvois, and Comius of Arras, were raiſing a conſiderable army, and marching to a general rendezvous, in order to invade the borders of Soiſſon, which belonged to the country of Rheims; he thought it did not only concern his honour, but intereſt, not to permit ſuch faithful allies as thoſe of Rheims to ſuffer, who had merited ſo well from the Roman empire.