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Shortened crimson +‎ head


Crimhead (plural Crimheads)

  1. (slang) A fan of the English rock band King Crimson.
    • 1992, Musician, Issues 159-164, page 90:
      Some diehard Crimheads figure 1969 was the Crimson classic period.
    • 1995, Michael Saunders, "Crimson back with 'Thrak'", Ocala Star-Banner, 19 May 1995:
      The mention of vintage material is sure to set Crimheads panting, but Levin says he is unsure what those specific songs are, or how many will come from the '80s or the '70s.
    • 1998, Hans Morgenstern, The Nightwatch review, Miami New Times, 7 May 1998:
      The release of two retrospective, in-concert, four-CD box sets and two separate live compilations (one a double CD, the other a single) might seem a bit excessive -- to non-Crimheads.