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The first appearance of the character was in the short Porky's Duck Hunt in 1937.

Proper noun[edit]

Daffy Duck

  1. A fictional anthropomorphic black duck in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons by Warner Bros.



Daffy Duck (plural Daffy Ducks)

  1. (usually used attributively) A duck, comical especially for lisping voice or zany behavior.
    • 1987 October 7, “HERE'S FRESH NEWS: EVERTHING IS JUST DUCKY AT OREGON”, in Dallas Morning News:
      At Utah, the Utes are sporting a Daffy Duck offense. The linemen come out of the huddle and go to one side of the field. A wide receiver snaps to the quarterback...
    • 1989 February 12, “Coots-Feathered Variety-Draw Curses, Gunfire in Orange County”, in Los Angeles Times:
      A coot-covered lake looks something like a Daffy Duck convention.
    • 1993, Vernon Lionel Shetley, "John Ashbery's Difficulty", After the Death of Poetry, page 127
      This closing section sports a number of inversions (e.g., "bivouac we") reminiscent of the verbal habits of the Daffy Duck voice, yet this ending seems very different in tone from the broadly ironic opening.
    • 1996 February 8, Dallas Morning News:
      Me, I just kind of moved along in a Daffy Duck shuffle.
    • 1996, Joseph R. Garber, Vertical Run, page 30:
      His inner voice, his guardian angel sneered in a Daffy Duck voice, Of courth you realithe thith meanth war []
    • 2000 November 10, “Recount is the talk of the town”, in San Diego Union-Tribune:
      "Instead of a lame-duck Congress," Wilson lamented, "it's a Daffy Duck election." Edward Bodge said it is time to do away with the Electoral College.
    • 2000, Gene Brewer, K-PAX, page 243:
      "Yeth thir?" in his Daffy Duck voice. I thought: He's been hanging around Milton too long
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Further reading[edit]

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