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Dawkins +‎ -ite


Dawkinite (plural Dawkinites)

  1. One who shares the scientific and philosophical views of Richard Dawkins; an atheist; a materialist.
    • 2006 June 17, The autist formerly known as, “Re: On the nature of religion...”, in alt.support.autism, Usenet[1]:
      Now to me the arrogance comes not from the creationists but from the Dawkinites, cos who would reckon we are beyond and above the elements we are made from.
    • 2008 September 17, adman, “What is a Dawkinite?”, in alt.talk.creationism, Usenet[2]:
      A Dawkinite believes there is a universe machine that spits out billions upon billions of universes finally arriving at the single chance universe that would provide just the right conditions to set up life as we know it on planet earth.
    • 2011 April 11, Brian E. Clark, “Re: Templeton prize gets atheists all flustered”, in uk.politics.misc, Usenet[3]:
      You seem to be implying that before those dastardly Dawkinites and their ilk showed up, Christianity presided over two millennia of cooperation and religious harmony, and never pressed for its own views to be placed above those of other faiths, or no faiths.
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