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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name sometimes given to a girl born at that time of day.
    • 1958 MurielSpark, The Go-away Bird: With Other Stories, Macmillan 1958, page 20 ( "The Black Madonna"):
      "Thomas, if it's a boy," she said, "after my uncle. But if it's a girl I'd like something fancy for a first name." - - -
      "What about Dawn?" she said. "I like the sound of Dawn. Then Mary for a second name. Dawn Mary Parker, it sounds sweet."
      "Dawn! That's not a Christian name," he said. Then he told her, "Just as you please, dear."
    • 1964 Bob Gaudio - Sandy Linzer, Dawn ( a song ) :
      Dawn, go away, I’m no good for you.