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Blend of demon +‎ Democrat.


Demoncrat (plural Demoncrats)

  1. (US politics, slang, derogatory) A member or supporter of the Democratic Party (with an implication that these people are demonic).
    Synonyms: commiecrat, Democreep, Nazicrat
    • 2003 May 26, mange [username], “Re: Abe Lincoln: The Republican Party”, in alt.politics.republicans, Usenet[1]:
      American Blacks have made huge strides over the years, but the Demoncrats invent class warfare and inequality issues.
    • 2004 November 28, John S. Dyson, “Re: Zogby OHIO-FINAL: Bush up 48% to 44% (It's Over for Kerry)”, in alt.politics.republicans, Usenet[2]:
      The Demoncrats, truly the party of anti-Xtians and actually the embodiment of everything that is the traditional evil []
    • 2006 October 3, alamonation1 [username], “Re: Did Democrats Page Mark Foley?”, in alt.politics.republicans, Usenet[3]:
      The fact is Demoncrats are more intolerant of those differing from them than are Republicans.

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