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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Nickname for a swot or studious person, or one who uses needlessly complicated words.
    • 1993, Fred Hartley, That Morals Thing, page 31:
      His friends called him "Dictionary." There were other names they called him that were far worse.
    • 1996, Kirk H. Beetz, Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction:
      He won a scholarship to a prestigious British inspired secondary school, Government College in Umuahia, and also gained a reputation for knowledge in his home village, where they called him Dictionary.
    • 2002, Bart Schneider, Secret Love, page 67:
      Hillis Brown turned toward Simon and whispered, "Hey, DICtionary[sic], don't worry, just because you sing like Johnny doesn't mean you gotta be a faggot."
    • 2013, Bridgette Kasuka, African Writers, page 404:
      Meanwhile, he applied himself so diligently to his formal education that schoolmates called him “Dictionary.” This effort won him admission to a British-run boarding school with an excellent library.