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Disney +‎ -esque


Disneyesque (comparative more Disneyesque, superlative most Disneyesque)

  1. Reminiscent of the work or style of the animator Walt Disney or his Walt Disney Company.
    • 1995, Ramona Fernandez, “Pachuco Mickey”, Elizabeth Bell, Lynda Haas, Laura Sells (ed.), From Mouse to Mermaid: The Politics of Film, Gender, and Culture, Indiana University Press, →ISBN, part 3, chapter 15, 236:
      This place is EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, a theme park cum world exposition, a kind of world's fair that allows for a continual Disneyesque rewriting of history, a Distory, as Stephen Fjellman has called it. Disney World offers its guests multiple pleasures within the context of Disneyesque representations of race and gender.
    • 2007 August 13, Roberta Smith, “Elizabeth Murray, 66, Artist of Vivid Forms, Dies”, in New York Times[1]:
      In Ms. Murray’s mature work, eccentrically shaped or multipanel canvases fused Cubism’s shattered forms and Surrealism’s suggestive biomorphism with the scale and some of the angst of Abstract Expressionism and more than a touch of Disneyesque humor and motion.