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Dodwell +‎ -ian


Dodwellian (comparative more Dodwellian, superlative most Dodwellian)

  1. Of or pertaining to Henry Dodwell (1641–1711), Anglo-Irish scholar, theologian, and controversial writer.
    • 1829, Edmund Calamy, John Towill Rutt, An historical account of my own life
      This book was written with the utmost assurance, and not without some smartness, upon the Ignatian and Dodwellian principles of High Church...
    • 1830, Christian Examiner
      He goes over reordained, but I think not rebaptized ; for want of which, according to his narrow, uncharitable, and Dodwellian principles, I do not see how he can rightly baptize others.
    • 1997, Church House Publishing, Visible unity and the ministry of oversight
      The Dodwellian view reaches the same conclusions as the Laudian about the necessity of episcopacy, but for different reasons...