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Old Norse[edit]


First part from Latin Aegyptus, from Ancient Greek Αἴγυπτος (Aíguptos), from Mycenaean Greek *aikupitos (compare 𐁁𐀓𐀠𐀴𐀍 (ai-ku-pi-ti-jo, Egyptian)), from Egyptian ḥwt kꜣ ptḥ (literally The temple of the ka of Ptah) (whose Late Egyptian pronunciation is reflected by Akkadian 𒄭𒆪𒌒𒋫𒀪 (ḫikuptaḫ)), from ḥwt (temple) +‎ kꜣ (ka) +‎ ptḥ (Ptah), referring to Ptah's temple in the important city of Memphis.

Proper noun[edit]

Egiptaland n

  1. Egypt



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