Emerald City

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The Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau held a contest in 1981 to find a new nickname for Seattle. The winning entry, "Emerald City", came from Sarah Sterling-Franklin of Carmel, California, whose submission described the city as "the jewel of the Northwest, the Queen of the Evergreen State, the many-faced city of space, elegance, magic and beauty."[1] "Emerald City" is also a reference to the fictional capital of the Land of Oz in the book series by L. Frank Baum.

Proper noun[edit]

Emerald City

  1. (informal) The city of Seattle, Washington, United States.
    • 1987, "Seattle curbs watering", Deseret News, 4 August 1987:
      The Emerald City, both famous and notorious for its clouds and rain, has been forced to institute a mandatory water conservation program for the first time "in memorable history."


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